Why Hufflepuffs Are Number 1

Hi guys! Today’s post is all about why Hufflepuff is the best house of them all and yeah, that’s basically it, so let’s go!

You can trust them– If you tell your secret to a Hufflepuff, you can trust them to keep it safe and sound but you can’t ensure that Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Slytherins won’t betray you and tell the whole school about that embarrassing moment you hate. Hufflepuffs are trusted enough to not tell. It’s a fact.

They have a bit of everything– In the 2nd Wizarding War, the stayed to fight now because they wanted to, unlike the Gryffindors, who thought that they had to. They are ambitious, but they aren’t sly like the Slytherins and they are clever. Not as clever as Ravenclaws, but clever enough to realise a joke and get a good job.

Cedric Diggory– He was cool, helpful and smart. What else would you want as a friend?



Fat Friar– The jolly, nice ghost of Hufflepuff that isn’t bloody, nearly headless or sad.

Badgers– They’re cool bro.

Tonks– No more needed to be said.

Bye guys!

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