100 Followers Q and A! // Get To Know ME

Hello my friends! Do you remember, last November, I celebrated 100 followers? *thinks* Oh good, you do remember. Do you also remember that I said I would do a Q and A? Yes? Good. Also, I said I would put the Q and A up in 2-3 weeks, not 2-3 months, but whatever, we’ll just forgot that, yeah? Anyways, I am doing the Q and A now, so get prepared to know a whole bunch more about me. Let’s go!

Capture 2

( The name of the person who asked in the question is linked to their website, their questions are in larger font, and my answers are well, normal. 😀 ) Let’s go!



Favourite song ATM?

So, go over to this post…. THIS ONE! It has my favourite songs right now, and most of them are from Post Malone, because he is AWESOME! Also, two new additions~ SAD and Lights Down Low! Love LDL!

Worst trend of 2017?

Probably…… um, all of them? JK. It definitely has to be BOTTLE FLIPPING. Do you know how much that annoyed me? It just – UGH! Stop, okay?

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog because I was bored, tbh. Then I started loving it, and now I am dedicated. Well, if dedicated means posting twice a month, but who cares, am I right?. 


Favourite playground equipment?

Probably a swing. Feeling the wind across your face is something I love! Also, it makes me free, ya know? You probably don’t but who cares?

Least favourite book?

Okay, so I have never expressed my disgust of Coraline? I literally hate that book. IT HAS NO MEANING, AND THE PLOT? LIKE, WHAT THE HECK? AT LEAST MAKE THE BOOK READABLE, COME ON MATE! Also, like the characters? I HATE THEM, AND TBH, THE CHARACTERS AIN’T EVEN HALF BAD!!

So, yeah, Coraline, my least favourite book. Sorry to all the people who like Coraline. 

Worst memory?

Yeah. It’s kinda rather personal, so no.

Kaylyn Grace

Do you have any pets/animals?

I do not. It angers me, though. I need a puppy! Is that too much to ask for? No. Isn’t! *Mom shakes head in background*

*Mom~ “Yashvi, you can’t take care of your self properly. Who is going to take care of the dog?”*

Thanks, mom. 

What is your favourite thing to do in your past time?

Oh, definitely reading! And… BLOGGING! Duh. I also like to write, but sadly, I am not getting enough time right now to write, but hopefully after a few more terms/semesters, I will have settled in, and then I can get some free time to write.

Do you like crafts and art?

I am not a fan of crafts and arts, actually. Maybe it’s because it never turns out good enough. 

What is your favourite work of art that you have done?

Well. NONE OF THEM, OKAY? I’m bad at arts, and all my artworks are T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E! I mean, they aren’t that bad, but still.

Would you rather give gifts or get them?

Okay. I’m going to be selfish. I’m going to choose the ‘get gifts’ option. I’m sorry. It’s just that presents are nice, okay? Gosh.

What do you think Christmas is about?

Um, I really don’t know. Sorry!


What’s your favourite fragrance?

Ehhhh, depends.

Do you celebrate Christmas?

No. I do not.

Do you use Skype?

No. I do not.

When did you start blogging?

No. I do not.  I started blogging in July or June. July, I think.

Do you wear nail polish?

Yes, I do. I currently have some pink nail polish on my left thumb, black nail polish on my left leg, and dark pink nail polish on my right leg.


What is your favourite thing to blog about?

Probably just random topics, or tags/awards. Those are really fun!

What is your favourite animal?

Ohhh, definitely wolves! I like how they also support each other, and are really independent at the same time, you know??

Why did you start this blog?

Please I was bored, and I had nothing else to do. Everyone gets really fancy thoughts, and then you have me. *cough, cough*

Why did you name it Born Free?

Because I was Born Free. When I was born, I was free. No one could control me, can control me, or will control me. Born Free means exactly that.

Enni Morgan

Would you rather chew a bloody toenail or lick a sweaty armpit?

I hate you Enni! (JK,JK). I would rather chew a bloody toe-nail because blood actually tastes nice. That makes me sound like a vampire, doesn’t it? *cue the evil laugh*

Would you rather have nobody come to your wedding or funeral?

Probably wedding, because I need people there at my funeral, so when the lawyer guy reads my will out loud, they all will be shocked to hear, “All my possessions will be burnt. None of you are getting them,”. Can you imagine how funny that would be? Hilarious.

What’s your pet peeve?

Wet bathroom floors. Ewwwww, get away from me. Also, hair on the floor. Ewwwww why are you sill standing here?

What’s your favourite colour?

Ten things that make you YOU?

1~ My goals.

2~ My dreams.


4~ FOOD (I’m sorry I just had to add that.)

5~ My family (I love ya!).

6~ My friends.

7~ Aesthetics.


9~ My beliefs.

10~ ME. MY SOUL.


Favourite blogs to make?

Um, idk?

Favourite movie ever?

WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CRIED SO HARD IN THAT MOVIE!


What did you dream last night?

I can’t remember, actually. I usually have weird dreams, though.

Last picture on your camera roll or files?

It was a photo of my science experiment, that I did in Science class with my BFF.

Here it is :

science experiment.JPG




You can see my friend’s finger and her pencil case. XD

Do you like Takis?

What the heck are Takis?

Capture 2

And I hope you have enjoyed reading that, because I enjoyed writing it! All your questions were AMAZING! Thank you all for the questions, and sorry that it’s really late! Bye!

Capture kk

P.S ~ I will not be reading any posts, commenting on any posts, or liking any posts, so yeah! Bye!

12 thoughts on “100 Followers Q and A! // Get To Know ME

  1. ‘What the heck are Takis?” WhAt tHe HeCk aRe tAkIS? WHAT THE HECK ARE TAKIS? Only the best chips ever. Gurl I’m so triggered rn. 😂😂 Omg bottle flipping was the worst like fhfbvgiyubvjh 😂

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  2. So, somehow I wasn’t following your blog anymore. WHAT?! Anyways, hehe, it was so much fun reading your answers. 🙂 Oh my gosh, that will would be hilarious. XDDD

    Liked by 1 person

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