and i’m back (yay)

hello people who are currently reading this (guess who needs to come up with a new intro?). anyways (i should make a promise to only use that word, like twice in a post), i’m back (as the title suggests). i don’t know what to say so um. haha, this is great.

i don’t even know why i took a hiatus. actually, i do know (yes yashvi, that’s the way, confuse them on your first post back). i don’t know if you guys know this or not, i transitioned to high-school this year, and boy. high-school is so much more different than primary. you get so much more homework and oh lord assessments are a thing and they are a pain in the neck (i have my english and history assessments due next monday, but i’ll just procrastinate again so). and yeah, homework and assessments leave me no time for blogging (and that my friends, is the harsh truth).

so yeah. thats why i haven’t been blogging for almost a year? (wow). (also missed my blogging anniversary so that’s annoying)

i will also try to read + like everyone’s posts that i’ve missed but i’m not promising anything so.

also, high-school is annoying? teachers are terrible (i have 9 subjects and only 2 decent teachers, like wow). classmates are the worst. in the whole of year 7, i only like 7 people and in my class i only like 4 people (that’s how bad they all are). otherwise, everything’s fine. (it’s really not, there’s friendship issues, boy drama (even though i go to girls school) and just generall ‘girl’ drama).

i have also become very lazy (like you already weren’t, yashvi). notice how i didn’t bother with my grammar and punctuation in this post. its going to become a regular thing now, so lol. i’m also procrastinating too much. like a lot, my assessments are all over my head, and am i going to start them? nope, i’ll just continue wasting my time, watching netflix and listening to music. lol yay.

(oh and that 18 goals for 2018? that didn’t work out in any way possible, so imma just ditch that) (also need to stop with the brackets)

i’m thinking that i’m going to change this blog. the theme, the name, tagline, everything. that’s probably going to happen in a few weeks? maybe? i still need to think about it. so yeah. that’s it for now. hopefully, i’ll be back now for a long time, or i might just procrastinate (again) and take another hiatus, idk.

bye, kids.





4 thoughts on “and i’m back (yay)

  1. I’m happy that you’re back blogging again, if you want to change your blog then go for it because it’s yours! And I know high school seems awful when you begin, but trust me- it gets better. 🙂


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