… and I’m back (literally all my posts are titled this)

I promise I’ll stop, a) going on unannounced hiatus and b) titling all my freaking posts that

so yes. I am back and hopefully for good this time because these unannounced hiatus are really annoying. so I guess this is going to be a what’s been going on currently kinda post.

highschool. yeet. highschool is weird as and so many assessments. oh goodness so many of them. and like issues in friendships. ugh, those suck. you have your own issues with your friends, and your friendship group, and on top of that, you have people you hate with a passion (I’m looking at you y—–) and listening to people complain. ooft my ear hurts, please shut up. just kidding, please go on and keep on complaining about how your history teacher gave you a 7/25 on your assessment which you did last minute, I’m so interested. 🙂

basically nothing else has been going on. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t procrastinate. I do and it highkey sucks but till now, I’ve always finished all my assessments last minute and got good marks for them so I’m going to keep on procrastinating. whoop. but like whenever I should be doing assessments, I’m watching YouTube, and playing games (I’m addicted to the snake game and it’s probably bad for me). I could be writing on my blog and writing in general (I have this great book plot and guess who’s not bothered to actually start writing it – you guessed right) but instead I’m wasting my time. yay for me! so yeah, YouTube and the snake game and doing assessments at the right time is basically why I took my hundredth hiatus. 🙂

yep. that’s it for this post. I promise I’ll post really really soon because there’s A SURPRISE!

bye xx


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