all the books are so boring (please help me) & my new obsession

hey all of you.

recently (March and April), I’ve come to notice that all the books that I’ve been borrowing from my local library are boring and tedious. I read like, 15 pages in and I give up because I can’t read something that boring. all of April, I literally re-read the harry potter series again (that is one fandom that will never die out) and yeah. so I just want some good books which aren’t boring and actually exciting. preferably not series 🙂 so if you’d suggest good books in the comments I’d really appreciate it 🙂

and my new obsession, you ask? BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. guys. this show. I. can’t. even. ITS SO GOOD. it has a bit of everything (it’s funny, it has mentally healthy characters who each have their flaws and loveable traits, amazing relationships (and not just romantic), brilliant actors, an amazing everything and UGH I LOVE IT). if you haven’t watched it yet, PLEASE WATCH IT. FOR ME. SO GOOD. (and the Halloween episodes are the best)

and that’s it, so bye!

What do you think? Tell me! Comment:

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