Who Am I?

Heyya! I’m Yashvi, proud owner of this blog! Y’all must be wondering, who am I? (If you weren’t wondering that, shame on you.) I am:

A lover of food

Image result for pizza and chocolate

A Wizard (Harry Potter)

A Tribute (Hunger Games)

Divergent (Divergent)

A Demigod (Percy Jackson)

A lover of rain

Image result for rain

Seriously sarcastic

1000% annoying

and idiot hater. (No shame.)

There we go. A few random facts about me. I think I’ll tell you some more random facts about me.

Autumn is better than ANY season,

Sprite is better than Coke,

I LOVE Dark Chocolate,

I HATE Justin Beiber


If you’re a newborn baby, and you aren’t related to me, I will think you are ugly. No offense.

There we go. A whole bunch of stupid facts you’ll never use in your life. Meh. Bye!


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