all the books are so boring (please help me) & my new obsession

hey all of you.

recently (March and April), I’ve come to notice that all the books that I’ve been borrowing from my local library are boring and tedious. I read like, 15 pages in and I give up because I can’t read something that boring. all of April, I literally re-read the harry potter series again (that is one fandom that will never die out) and yeah. so I just want some good books which aren’t boring and actually exciting. preferably not series 🙂 so if you’d suggest good books in the comments I’d really appreciate it 🙂

and my new obsession, you ask? BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. guys. this show. I. can’t. even. ITS SO GOOD. it has a bit of everything (it’s funny, it has mentally healthy characters who each have their flaws and loveable traits, amazing relationships (and not just romantic), brilliant actors, an amazing everything and UGH I LOVE IT). if you haven’t watched it yet, PLEASE WATCH IT. FOR ME. SO GOOD. (and the Halloween episodes are the best)

and that’s it, so bye!

Life Updates : What’s Been Going On

Hello! Today, I am trying something different! *finally Yashvi, finally* Anyways, I hope I can make this a series or something, but that’s later on. In this post, I will be telling you what’s been happening at school, my blogging stats/life, and general likings! Let’s go!

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School is going pretty well! It is my last year in Primary School, and next year (30th January, 2018) , I will be going to Secondary/High School! Everyone in Year/Grade 6 will go to Year/Grade 7! To honour that, all the kids in year/grade 6 got a party outside of school. This is what happened: (Last Thursday)

Reach at approximately 6.

Chat with friends on your respective tables.

Dinner. Lasagna and Salad. It was ok, and I realised at that moment, I did not know how to eat a lasagna. You have to press it down with a knife and cut it with a fork, right? I was trying to eat it with a spoon. A bloody spoon. But I finished half of the lasagna, so it’s okay.

Dessert. Fruit Salad with Chia Seeds. The non-vegetarians got cheesecake. Hello, how is that fair?

Dance! It was SO fun!

Go back to tables and chat. About stupid things. *cough cough, what happens when a chicken and a lion become friends*

Watch parents come in.

Listen to speeches. 1 girl and 1 boy from each class in year/grade 6 gave a speech about the whole of 2017 and their teachers! The funny bit was, the girl and boy from my class, whom we shall call J and A, were near the end (of their speech), and J badly needed to cough, but she held it back and it sounded like she was going to burst out crying any second, like sobbing. We all thought that J was SO emotional and we teased her… a lot. Especially me. Hehe.*

We get Graduation Certificates! Even though 2017 isn’t over… yet.

We sing a song for parents. Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

Take photos with teachers and friends!

That was the end! I cannot believe that I will leave year/grade 6 and move to year/grade 7! It is going to be such a big change!

*Yes, I am that kid who teases people. A lot.

Tuesday, everyone in year/grade 6 had to go to Highschool Orientation and Thursday (today), we got a pizza party and get to wet the teachers and friends with water guns! Lastly, Friday (tomorrow), at my school, we have fun! It’s called fun day, and you get to eat, do activities and go on Ferris Wheels for free! Busy and fun week! 


Okay, so Blogging. That was the worst intro ever, but whatevs. In this, I shall be just giving you all a review about my blogging life and yeah. Also,



Okay, I’m fine now. Let’s move onto Stats. *94, 94, 94, 94*

*Note, these are all from June to now. 


Yay! I’m pretty happy with them, so yeah! Let’s talk about Commenters!

Top Commenters:





Thank you so much all of you! It means a lot to me!


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General Likings

Songs :

Havana by Camilla Cabello. Duh. Everyone likes this song, and if don’t, dude, we can’t be friends.

Wolves by Selena Gomez. “Water or wine, don’t make me choose” I would choose wine.

JK, no, I’m still 11.

Delicate/Dress by Taylor Swift. OMG, guys! I can finally listen to her new album! Spotify is a life saver, legit.

Food :

I have been craving:


Something spicy

Dark chocolate ( I ❤ Dark Choco)

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So that is the end, and what did you think? What should I improve? Did you like it?