#ThePeriodParty // Back From My Unplanned Hiatus

Hello there! I am sorry for being away the whole of February, but High School is hard?? And I get tons and tons of homework, and its a change from primary? Just ugh! I tried to write a post, but School is a priority over Blogging. Anyways, March is going to be better and I am going to attempt and publish 4 posts this month, so hopefully!

Anyways, today’s post is on periods, and yeah. If you aren’t comfortable reading/talking about periods, go ahead and search up funny memes. But, if you are a girl, and you know how crappy periods are, just attempt reading this post, and maybe you might end up doing this on your blog as well.

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This is all made up by Ash, and I am glad that someone is brave enough to do this.

*red confetti* (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

So, if you are a blogger, and you want to participate, this is what to do.

  1. Write a post and share a story featuring periods. Whether that be your period, your friend’s, something you saw on the news or ways you deal with cramps. Anything is gold (or red) because your words can impact someone else across the seas or down the street. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “crap, I’ve never had a period, though,” you have a voice and a duty too. Talk about the ways men and boys can become more cooperative and understanding. There’s so much we don’t discuss and silence isn’t communicating the messages.
  2. Use the hashtag #ThePeriodParty on your post and socials so that everyone’s stories and messages are in one place on the Internet.
  3. Tag 5-10 friends and strangers.
  4. Finally, sign the petition from above. The UK government already has a list of the individuals from the lowest socio-economic background attending schools so it only seems practical to allow girls, entitled to this right, have access to free sanitary products. Also, if you live in the UK, contact your MP and/or Damian Hinds about why you believe providing aid to these British girls is necessary.

(Also, random fact: I’m on my period right now! So yeah, perfect timing!)

So now, I’ll be sharing moi period story. It’s ABOUT MY FIRST PERIODS.

So, one fine day, April the 14th, I wake up, and I go to my parents’s room and we just chat on what we’re gonna do today (cause it’s a weekend), and then we all get up, have breakfast, blah blah. After a while, I’m in the toilet doing my thing ya know, and suddenly….. I SPOT BLOOD. So of course, at Primary, the teachers had a GIRL MEETING and they educated us on it, so I’m guessing what happened, and yeah. Call my MOM, she sighs :l, and voila, next minute, I know how to put a pad on! Bam! 

Woo! Now y’all now about my first periods! I’m actually glad we talked about this, cause I don’t know, I just fell that. Anyways, I’m not going to tag anyone, because I don’t know if you’re comfortable talking about periods or not, but tell me in the comments if you want to do this, and I shall tag you!

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And that was it! Expect more posts from me in March, and for now, ADIOS!

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