i am tired of hearing ‘you’re so thin’

yeah, we’ve all heard of fat-shaming. it’s a terrible thing and i hate anyone who fat shames.

many people, most people know what fat-shaming is.

but here’s the thing: why the hell doesn’t anyone know what thin/skinny shaming is? IT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT TO KNOW.



we all know that it’s hurtful to call someone ‘fat’ or ‘over-sized’. so why don’t we realise that it’s also hurtful to call someone ‘thin’ or ‘skinny’?

i know i am thin. i know i am skinny. i am most probably underweight. and it’s okay, because i’ve accepted the fact. but it seems like no one else has. can you imagine, everywhere you go, people looking at your skinny waist? can you imagine, everywhere you go, people greeting you with ‘you’re so thin!’ instead of ‘hello, how are you?’. can you imagine, people constantly asking you if you eat?

i get all of this shit (excuse the language) all the damn time.

and it hurts.

yes i eat. i eat and eat but i don’t gain weight. yes, my mum feeds me (don’t ask dumb questions like that).

people make jokes about me being thin. i always laugh it off. but they don’t know that i’ve kept the comment they made about my body saved in my mind, so when i’m in the shower, i can look in the mirror and slowly start to despise my thin body.

i’m sure some of you are thin. and i want you all to be proud of that. don’t hate yourself because of it. love yourself no matter what size you wear ❤