100 Followers Q and A! // Get To Know ME

Hello my friends! Do you remember, last November, I celebrated 100 followers? *thinks* Oh good, you do remember. Do you also remember that I said I would do a Q and A? Yes? Good. Also, I said I would put the Q and A up in 2-3 weeks, not 2-3 months, but whatever, we’ll just forgot that, yeah? Anyways, I am doing the Q and A now, so get prepared to know a whole bunch more about me. Let’s go!

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( The name of the person who asked in the question is linked to their website, their questions are in larger font, and my answers are well, normal. 😀 ) Let’s go!



Favourite song ATM?

So, go over to this post…. THIS ONE! It has my favourite songs right now, and most of them are from Post Malone, because he is AWESOME! Also, two new additions~ SAD and Lights Down Low! Love LDL!

Worst trend of 2017?

Probably…… um, all of them? JK. It definitely has to be BOTTLE FLIPPING. Do you know how much that annoyed me? It just – UGH! Stop, okay?

Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog because I was bored, tbh. Then I started loving it, and now I am dedicated. Well, if dedicated means posting twice a month, but who cares, am I right?. 


Favourite playground equipment?

Probably a swing. Feeling the wind across your face is something I love! Also, it makes me free, ya know? You probably don’t but who cares?

Least favourite book?

Okay, so I have never expressed my disgust of Coraline? I literally hate that book. IT HAS NO MEANING, AND THE PLOT? LIKE, WHAT THE HECK? AT LEAST MAKE THE BOOK READABLE, COME ON MATE! Also, like the characters? I HATE THEM, AND TBH, THE CHARACTERS AIN’T EVEN HALF BAD!!

So, yeah, Coraline, my least favourite book. Sorry to all the people who like Coraline. 

Worst memory?

Yeah. It’s kinda rather personal, so no.

Kaylyn Grace

Do you have any pets/animals?

I do not. It angers me, though. I need a puppy! Is that too much to ask for? No. Isn’t! *Mom shakes head in background*

*Mom~ “Yashvi, you can’t take care of your self properly. Who is going to take care of the dog?”*

Thanks, mom. 

What is your favourite thing to do in your past time?

Oh, definitely reading! And… BLOGGING! Duh. I also like to write, but sadly, I am not getting enough time right now to write, but hopefully after a few more terms/semesters, I will have settled in, and then I can get some free time to write.

Do you like crafts and art?

I am not a fan of crafts and arts, actually. Maybe it’s because it never turns out good enough. 

What is your favourite work of art that you have done?

Well. NONE OF THEM, OKAY? I’m bad at arts, and all my artworks are T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E! I mean, they aren’t that bad, but still.

Would you rather give gifts or get them?

Okay. I’m going to be selfish. I’m going to choose the ‘get gifts’ option. I’m sorry. It’s just that presents are nice, okay? Gosh.

What do you think Christmas is about?

Um, I really don’t know. Sorry!


What’s your favourite fragrance?

Ehhhh, depends.

Do you celebrate Christmas?

No. I do not.

Do you use Skype?

No. I do not.

When did you start blogging?

No. I do not.  I started blogging in July or June. July, I think.

Do you wear nail polish?

Yes, I do. I currently have some pink nail polish on my left thumb, black nail polish on my left leg, and dark pink nail polish on my right leg.


What is your favourite thing to blog about?

Probably just random topics, or tags/awards. Those are really fun!

What is your favourite animal?

Ohhh, definitely wolves! I like how they also support each other, and are really independent at the same time, you know??

Why did you start this blog?

Please I was bored, and I had nothing else to do. Everyone gets really fancy thoughts, and then you have me. *cough, cough*

Why did you name it Born Free?

Because I was Born Free. When I was born, I was free. No one could control me, can control me, or will control me. Born Free means exactly that.

Enni Morgan

Would you rather chew a bloody toenail or lick a sweaty armpit?

I hate you Enni! (JK,JK). I would rather chew a bloody toe-nail because blood actually tastes nice. That makes me sound like a vampire, doesn’t it? *cue the evil laugh*

Would you rather have nobody come to your wedding or funeral?

Probably wedding, because I need people there at my funeral, so when the lawyer guy reads my will out loud, they all will be shocked to hear, “All my possessions will be burnt. None of you are getting them,”. Can you imagine how funny that would be? Hilarious.

What’s your pet peeve?

Wet bathroom floors. Ewwwww, get away from me. Also, hair on the floor. Ewwwww why are you sill standing here?

What’s your favourite colour?

Ten things that make you YOU?

1~ My goals.

2~ My dreams.


4~ FOOD (I’m sorry I just had to add that.)

5~ My family (I love ya!).

6~ My friends.

7~ Aesthetics.


9~ My beliefs.

10~ ME. MY SOUL.


Favourite blogs to make?

Um, idk?

Favourite movie ever?

WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CRIED SO HARD IN THAT MOVIE!


What did you dream last night?

I can’t remember, actually. I usually have weird dreams, though.

Last picture on your camera roll or files?

It was a photo of my science experiment, that I did in Science class with my BFF.

Here it is :

science experiment.JPG




You can see my friend’s finger and her pencil case. XD

Do you like Takis?

What the heck are Takis?

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And I hope you have enjoyed reading that, because I enjoyed writing it! All your questions were AMAZING! Thank you all for the questions, and sorry that it’s really late! Bye!

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P.S ~ I will not be reading any posts, commenting on any posts, or liking any posts, so yeah! Bye!

The Blue Sky Tag + The Unique Ways To Describe Me Tag // Long Overdue

Hey guys! It’s so good to be back (even though I didn’t go anywhere)! I’m going to be doing 2 tags today that should have been done long ago, but whatevs, so let’s go!

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The Blue Sky Tag ~

THANK YOU ~ Ametistia 


1.Thank the person who tagged you ~ Done!

2.Answer their 11 questions ~ Coming….

3.Tag 11 people ~ *cough cough*

4. Give them 11 questions to answer ~ Ehhhhh….

Questions :

Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

Definitely an ambivert. AMBIVERT 4 LIFE!!!!!!!! YAY!

Do you like emojis? 🙂 😦 😀 😛 ❤

I guess they’re okay. 😀

Are you more funny or sarcastic?

Sometimes, I’ll be funny and make everyone laugh and then other times, I’ll just be my normal sarcastic self. XD

What’s the funniest thing that has happened recently?

Myself. JK, no. My lame jokes. Seriously, my jokes are T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. I could make a whole post about my lame jokes and I wouldn’t get a single like on that post. Trust me.

Are you a night owl or early bird?

Night owl. I cannot wake up early in the morning, no matter how hard I try. Unless on that day, I have something VERY exciting going on. *jumps*

What’s your favourite fruit?

MANGOES! I ❤ mangoes SO much!!!!!! We cannot be friends if you don’t like mangoes.

What’s your favourite drink?

Lemonade. Even though I don’t drink it often.

Do you have any pets?

Nope. I really want a puppy though. I feel like everyone wants a puppy. I feel a lot of things.

Do you have any siblings?

Nope. #BeingAnOnlyChildIsAmazing

Do you like Pusheen?

What exactly is Pusheen?

Do you like nightcore?

Again, what exactly is nightcore?


Heh heh. Not happening. Unless you want to do this tag of course.

So, if you want to do this… and you think my questions are fantastic… go ahead!

  1. Favourite song right now?
  2. Favourite singer right now?
  3. Last thing you watched on TV?
  4. Favourite minion?
  5. Last thing you read?
  6. Last painting you painted?
  7. When was the last time you ate watermelon?
  8. First word you see?
  9. Grab the nearest book, turn to page 11, find line and put the word “homework” in front of the sentence.
  10. What was the last thing you did for homework?
  11. What did you think of my questions? Be honest.

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The Unique Ways To Describe Me Tag

So, I am VERY excited for this tag, because… I just want to be VERY excited.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you ~ Buttercup, the creator herself! Thanks, Buttercup!
  • Link to the original post ~ This Is It!
  • Answer the questions.
  • Tag at least five people – Wow it’s happening?
  • Copy and paste the original questions for your nominees to answer.


What two candies describe your personality. Why?

I think, that Cadbury Marvellous Creations (the pink one) Image result for Cadbury Marvellous Creation Pink

because I think I’m full of surprises and I just pop! You know what I mean? No? It’s okay. I don’t know what I mean either, half of the time. The second candy that probably describes me is…

Dark Chocolate Kitkat because I look fine on the outside but I’m dark, revenful and cruel on the inside. JK.

You can only answer in song lyrics. What’s one thing you want others to know about you? 

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me 

~ Fight Song, Rachel Platten

What movie that is literally your life?

Ummm. I don’t really have one, like no movie legit describes my life. That would be one complicated movie.

What season describes your view of life?

Probably Winter. I feel like now, all of you are going to think that I’m this weird, depressed girl that doesn’t feel. I’m not like that. I hope. Anyways, my thoughts are warm (how can thoughts be warm, Yashvi?) and in Winter you get to be warm, so yeah….

What scent holds memories for you?

Rain. Ohhh, beautiful rain.

And now,  the time you’ve all been waiting for.









The Nominations : 


The Unknown Wiki

Noel White



and… Anyone else who wants to do it!

So that is it! Hope y’all enjoyed reading that! Bye!

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AAWC #3 // Story Continued

Hello! It is time for another challenge! Woohoo! Team Meadow is still in last place, but hopefully we can change that!


Anyways, prompts I used:

“What are you doing here?”

“This is my house.”

“Not anymore.”

And, the story……

Capture 2

“Done,” Charles said, with a heavy sigh.

I peeked inside and grabbed, only to get a photo of a girl with a bear standing on meadows. On the right hand corner, 11 words, in flowy handwriting.

“What are you doing here?”

“This is my house.”

“Not anymore.” 

“What do you think this means?” I asked Charles. He took the photo and placed his hand on the girl, and instantly vanished.

“Charles? Charles? CHARLES?” I was panicking, where was he? I placed a hand on my chest and took some deep breaths. I had to find the picture he had touched to get to him. I glanced around. Nothing. Oh, where was it? My eyes finally spotted it on the window. I walked over, picked it up, and placed my hand over it.

Immediately I felt a warm glow over me, and I was whisked away.

I was falling, and I could feel my body going limp, before I hit the ground with a ‘thump’.

“Hi,” I croaked to Charles, who was looking just as confused at me.

“Where – what – huh?” The poor boy stammered.

“It’s okay, I think. The photo, I reckon the photo was ‘enchanted’, and it brought us here.” I gestured around with my hands, hoping for some clues.

“Oh. Why are we both so calm about this?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we both are used to ‘random’ things happening to us.” I sighed, as I knew what I had said what was true. ‘Random’ things were always happening to us. The kidnapping, the new house, the man, the stealing, the robbing, and the most ‘randomest’, the time when both us were stuck in rain, and a man offered us a ride, and he dropped us at our secret hideout. The hideout no one knew about.

I shook the thought off. Right now, we had to figure out how to get out of here, and how to get away from the bear. Wait. What bear? Oh yes, the bear is front of us both that was growling.

I grabbed Charles’s hand, pulled him up and we both ran…..

Capture 2

And that is that. I might continue this for Challenge 4, I might not. We’ll see, but for now, bye!!

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Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge 2!



YAY, another writing challenge! #Excited Anyways, AAWC is hosted by Zielle, and I guess it’s kinda like CPC! I’m on Team Meadows!

Team-1 with…..








On to the story…..

Capture 2

My dreams that night were weird- like usual. A man riding chickens, eating popcorn and shouting “I’m coming!”. After a while, I woke up – to see a face staring at me. A familiar face. The face of him. Charles Bladd, the person I robbed houses with.

“You know, seeing your face first thing in the morning isn’t as amazing as you think,” I said as I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom.

“Really?” He asked in a mocking voice.

“Ohh, yes. Is there water today or….”

“Nope, water supply cut off again.”

I groaned. We both hadn’t bathed for weeks. As I was swimming in my thoughts about hot water, Charles shook me.

“C’mon! Put the masks on, we’re robbing the Robin House today.”

I laughed. “Robining the Robin house?”

“Wow. Just wow. Hurry up.”

I put the mask on and made my way out, with my backpack.

“So, the plan: We sneak in, grab the expensive things, and come back here,” Charles explained it to me like I was a baby.

“I know the plan Mr Smarty Pants!” With that, we both marched down the tunnel, the forest, and everything they had built to keep us safe. After a hour, we reached the house.


I was tied up, with Charles. Seriously? We had to be tied together?

We were brought to the old house, and then given our instructions.

“Everyday 3 days, you will rob a new house, and bring back everything here. Every 3rd Friday, I will come here, and get everything, and along with that, I will tell you the names and addresses of the houses you both are to rob the following week. Oh and, I will drop off food. Lots of it.”

And he was gone.

End Of Flashback

We were here. The Robin House. It was a small house, classic bricks, with a black door. We walked up the little path, and pushed against the door. Open. Funny how 80% of the houses we’ve robbed are unlocked. The inside of the house was weird. The interior was beautiful, but the air… seemed fishy.

We both looked around, but… nothing.

“This is surprising…..” I said.

Charles nodded, “Usually we would have spotted – There!” He pointed at a safe.

We both ran towards it, and his fingers started to do their magic. While he was doing that, I looked around the room one more time, just in case I spotted something that we had missed before. Nothing, but I did see a little rug. Grinning, I held it up and  announced:

“Oh my, this would look so cute on you!”

Charles shot me his “annoyed look” and grunted,

“Be quiet! I’m trying to crack this safe.”

“Really? Never would have guessed!”

Capture 2

And that is the end! I hope you enjoyed that! Bye!

P.S – Sorry it was so short!

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The Unique Blogger Award + The Versatile Blogger Award 

Hello! I am doing 2 awards today, so yeah. Let’s jump into it.

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Rules :

Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you (wait for it)

Share the link of the blogger who nominated you ~ Lizzy! Thank you so much! (done)

Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award (yeah, not happening)

Ask 3 New Questions (ehhhh)

Questions :

What is your favorite memory?

Hmm. I think choosing just one memory would be way too hard, not just for me, for everyone.

Do you like winter or fall more?

Fall? It’s Autumn.


I mean, sure the leaves FALL down, but then why don’t we call Spring~ Grow or something, as flowers GROW? Okay, I’m calm now. Seriously, I like AUTUMN because of the pretty colors and it’s just as cold as Winter, so you don’t need an excuse for hot chocolate. Yum!

Who inspires you?

My mom and Emma Watson. My mom has faced so much, yet she is still so strong, and positive, and she never fails to make me laugh. Emma Watson because well, she’s Emma Watson.

I nominate no one, if you want to do this, sure! Go ahead. And use Lizzy’s questions because I’m not bothered to write questions of my own. (Hehe.)

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Yep, another award! I was nominated by… Lizzy! Again! Thank you!


The Versatile Blogger says;

“Honour those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.”


Thank the person who gave you this award. (done)
Include a link to their blog. (done)
Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA. (you really think I’m going to?)
Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. (coming)

I want to be an Interior Designer when I grow up.

I also want to be an author.

I have always wanted glasses. I don’t know why, they look cool. *shrugs*

I currently have a cold. But it’s really hot right now, so I don’t get how that works.

I bathe once a day in Winter and twice a day in Summer. Y’all didn’t necessarily need to know that but, I can’t think of anything else.

My current profile picture is on of the Zodiac Signs. Aries, cause that’s my sign. What’s your sign?

I’m currently reading The Mortal Instruments : City of Ashes. It’s a pretty good book.

As usual, I’m not nominating anyone. Do this award if you wanna!

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So that is the end of both awards! Thank you a lot Lizzy for nominating me for both of them! See y’all someday…






Blue Birds of a Feather : Blog Launch Tour

Hey guys! So, today, I am participating in a Blog Launch Tour (and I don’t know if anyone else is doing this, but hey, I’ll still do it, because, why not) and the blog is :

Blue Birds of a Feather!

Go on, click on the link right now! It’s an amazing blog! The four girls,



Aracely and


are collabing on this wonderful blog! They are really amazing, so JUST GO already!


Haha! 🙂 Anyways, make sure you go over to their separate blogs and their collabing blog! Bye! And sorry for the short post, I will see y’all on Monday! 



Hey! So… This challenge of CPC is the last one! Can you believe that? #sad

Anyways, prompts I used:


“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part – you did, once.”


I’m not sure why I fell in love with her.

Capture 2.PNG
Yes, a new divider! I couldn’t resist! #SoPretty

I groaned. Why did Claire have to collapse now? I frowned, those types of thoughts usually didn’t come to me. I bent down and got a water bottle out of my backpack. I uncapped the lid and slowly made Claire drink it. After a while, she woke up.

“Scared… Of heights.” She mumbled.

“Oh no,” I said, “It’ll be okay, you can do it! Come on, I’ll help you.”

And so we both went, on the bridge, Claire staggering with each step, me holding her and encouraging her. After a while, we both reached the other side and I forgot all my pain. In front of us, stood a mansion. White, with shining “everthings”. A magnificent garden, with every imaginable plant and vegetable.

I gasped. What was this place and how had I not seen the mansion from where the taxi dropped us? For a moment, I thought I was going to faint as well, but my arm was secured by Claire.

“Woah… This is where our parents live?” She asked, her voice full of curiosity. “They must be rich!”

I laughed. We were on the verge on meeting our parents, and all she thought about was how rich they were? But she was right, of course. All of our lives had been spent in a tiny, cramped room that stinked. If our parents lived here… Well, life would be perfect for us from now. Claire’s grip on my arm tightened and I snapped out of my daydream.

“Let’s go.” I nodded, but my feet were jelly. “What if our parents didn’t want us? What if there were cruel? What if there were worse than Master? What if…” My negative thoughts could have gone on and on, but Claire was halfway up the steps, and she was waiting for me.

“Coming!” I ran, my feet killing me. I reached my destination and Claire and I walked up the stairs, our hands trembling as I pressed the doorbell.

10 seconds gone, no one.

20 seconds.

30 seconds.





A man opened the door.

When he did, he had his back to us and he was talking to someone.

“I never stood a chance, did I?” He asked.

“That’s the sad part – you did, once. I’m not sure why I fell in love with her.” I felt a jolt in my body. I knew that voice. It brought back some of the only memories I had left. Painful memories. The man at the door laughed.

“Ummm. Mister?” Claire said, her loud voice reduced to a little squeak. The man turned around to face us, and when his eyes rested on Claire, he collapsed.

“Blake…Isabelle…Eleanor…Come! Hurry! They’re here!” He yelled. I waited for Claire to say something. She was usually the one who did all the speaking, but right now, she seemed paralysed, her eyes glistening with tears.

“Dad?” She managed to squeak out before fainting for the 2nd time in a day.

“Ohhh, no.” The man, I suddenly realised, was my uncle. Ian. He was tall, and had brown eyes, just like Claire’s. Yes, we had come to the right place. Just as he was about to lift Claire up, a trio arrived. 2 women, and a man. I felt giddy as I looked at the woman. She had similar features to Claire’s dad, and features I saw in myself. I didn’t wait for her to notice me. I ran inside and hugged her, surprising her, but she realised who I was.

Her daughter, who she hadn’t seen in 12 years. I hugged her, catching up on 12 years worth. She squeezed me and I could feel her tears landing on my hair. After a while, she let go and fell to her knees, her eyes darting all over my body.

“Ohhh, Audrey. You have grown SO much!” She exclaimed.

“Yes. She has. My dear girl!” A loud, manly voice said. I turned around.

To see my father.


After a whole load of tears, hugs, kisses and happiness, all 6 of us sat down at the dining table, Claire and I waiting for explanations.

“You see, girls, we had to drop you there. Your fathers insisted upon it. They said you would be safe from the threat.” Isabelle, Claire’s mom, said.

“What threat?” Claire and I asked at the same time.

“When you were born,” My mother, Eleanor, said, “There was a threat against us. We were rich, we had a blooming business. The downside of that was having lots of rivals. One of our biggest rival was Henry Cratere. He wanted our business to fail, so he sent us a note, which said, that if we didn’t give you both to them, they would file a court case against us, for killing somebody. Of course, we didn’t actually kill anyone. They just threatened us like that so we would give you both over to them.”

“Why did they want us?” Claire asked.

“They knew, that if they had you both, all four of us, we would become too depressed, and our business would fail automatically.” Ian said.

“And what about the court case?” I questioned.

“Ohhh, before he could file a court case against us, the police realised he was the murderer of Alice Green, so he got a jail sentence for 10 years.” Blake grinned.

All four of them waited for that information to sink in.

“Why Master?” I asked suddenly.

“He’s Eleanor and I’s brother and we knew he would take care of you, even though he would, sometimes, mistreat you.”

I was shocked. My mum and Claire’s dad, they were wonderful people, but Master being their brother?

“He’s adopted.” Blake said, as that would help. It helped a little, but the shock remained.

“I believe you.” Claire said. Great.

“I do too.”

Capture 2

And, that is the end of my CPC story! Claire and Audrey lived a wonderful life after that, enjoying every moment, in case you wanted to know. Well, see you next time!