AAWC #3 // Story Continued

Hello! It is time for another challenge! Woohoo! Team Meadow is still in last place, but hopefully we can change that!


Anyways, prompts I used:

“What are you doing here?”

“This is my house.”

“Not anymore.”

And, the story……

Capture 2

“Done,” Charles said, with a heavy sigh.

I peeked inside and grabbed, only to get a photo of a girl with a bear standing on meadows. On the right hand corner, 11 words, in flowy handwriting.

“What are you doing here?”

“This is my house.”

“Not anymore.” 

“What do you think this means?” I asked Charles. He took the photo and placed his hand on the girl, and instantly vanished.

“Charles? Charles? CHARLES?” I was panicking, where was he? I placed a hand on my chest and took some deep breaths. I had to find the picture he had touched to get to him. I glanced around. Nothing. Oh, where was it? My eyes finally spotted it on the window. I walked over, picked it up, and placed my hand over it.

Immediately I felt a warm glow over me, and I was whisked away.

I was falling, and I could feel my body going limp, before I hit the ground with a ‘thump’.

“Hi,” I croaked to Charles, who was looking just as confused at me.

“Where – what – huh?” The poor boy stammered.

“It’s okay, I think. The photo, I reckon the photo was ‘enchanted’, and it brought us here.” I gestured around with my hands, hoping for some clues.

“Oh. Why are we both so calm about this?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we both are used to ‘random’ things happening to us.” I sighed, as I knew what I had said what was true. ‘Random’ things were always happening to us. The kidnapping, the new house, the man, the stealing, the robbing, and the most ‘randomest’, the time when both us were stuck in rain, and a man offered us a ride, and he dropped us at our secret hideout. The hideout no one knew about.

I shook the thought off. Right now, we had to figure out how to get out of here, and how to get away from the bear. Wait. What bear? Oh yes, the bear is front of us both that was growling.

I grabbed Charles’s hand, pulled him up and we both ran…..

Capture 2

And that is that. I might continue this for Challenge 4, I might not. We’ll see, but for now, bye!!

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Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge 2!



YAY, another writing challenge! #Excited Anyways, AAWC is hosted by Zielle, and I guess it’s kinda like CPC! I’m on Team Meadows!

Team-1 with…..








On to the story…..

Capture 2

My dreams that night were weird- like usual. A man riding chickens, eating popcorn and shouting “I’m coming!”. After a while, I woke up – to see a face staring at me. A familiar face. The face of him. Charles Bladd, the person I robbed houses with.

“You know, seeing your face first thing in the morning isn’t as amazing as you think,” I said as I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom.

“Really?” He asked in a mocking voice.

“Ohh, yes. Is there water today or….”

“Nope, water supply cut off again.”

I groaned. We both hadn’t bathed for weeks. As I was swimming in my thoughts about hot water, Charles shook me.

“C’mon! Put the masks on, we’re robbing the Robin House today.”

I laughed. “Robining the Robin house?”

“Wow. Just wow. Hurry up.”

I put the mask on and made my way out, with my backpack.

“So, the plan: We sneak in, grab the expensive things, and come back here,” Charles explained it to me like I was a baby.

“I know the plan Mr Smarty Pants!” With that, we both marched down the tunnel, the forest, and everything they had built to keep us safe. After a hour, we reached the house.


I was tied up, with Charles. Seriously? We had to be tied together?

We were brought to the old house, and then given our instructions.

“Everyday 3 days, you will rob a new house, and bring back everything here. Every 3rd Friday, I will come here, and get everything, and along with that, I will tell you the names and addresses of the houses you both are to rob the following week. Oh and, I will drop off food. Lots of it.”

And he was gone.

End Of Flashback

We were here. The Robin House. It was a small house, classic bricks, with a black door. We walked up the little path, and pushed against the door. Open. Funny how 80% of the houses we’ve robbed are unlocked. The inside of the house was weird. The interior was beautiful, but the air… seemed fishy.

We both looked around, but… nothing.

“This is surprising…..” I said.

Charles nodded, “Usually we would have spotted – There!” He pointed at a safe.

We both ran towards it, and his fingers started to do their magic. While he was doing that, I looked around the room one more time, just in case I spotted something that we had missed before. Nothing, but I did see a little rug. Grinning, I held it up and  announced:

“Oh my, this would look so cute on you!”

Charles shot me his “annoyed look” and grunted,

“Be quiet! I’m trying to crack this safe.”

“Really? Never would have guessed!”

Capture 2

And that is the end! I hope you enjoyed that! Bye!

P.S – Sorry it was so short!

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Bloggers Secret Santa / Noel White

Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone got their wonderful presents!


Anyways, today’s post is Kate’s Bloggers Secret Santa! Read the rules………………………. here.

Done that? Good. So my person (why does that sound so weird?) is ……. Noel White!

On to those 500 words!

(for some reason, when I said “on to those 500 words”, I thought about horses galloping?)


Capture 2

Dear Noel White,

When I first got Kate’s email, I was worried. I didn’t know who you were, if you were likeable, if I would enjoy reading your posts, that stuff. I was glad when I found out you were likeable and your posts were amazing. Seriously dude, your posts are brilliant. The hard work you put in each post, it’s easy to see. Every post has effort and time spelled out into it. Plus, your post about your trip to Budapest! Perfection at it’s highest! The pictures were so beautiful, especially the food ones! XD

One of my favourite posts you’ve written is this one: Rainy Days

When I read it, I was shocked. Why, you ask? Because of how you’ve turned your memory into a beautiful piece of writing.

I remember walking in between the tall brick buildings and seeing the potted flowers, and stomping in puddles as the thunder and lightning crashed up above.

I remember laughing as I tried to keep up with my mom and older brother because I wanted to hide how nervous I was.

I also remember the sigh of relief that went through my body as we reached the familiar porch and wooden front door or our familiar house.

Can we just have a round of applause for that piece of writing?

Now, let’s fangirl over your blog name. “Just Another Nefelibata”. It’s such an original name, and such an unique one. If I hadn’t signed up for this, I wouldn’t have stumbled across your blog, and the word “Nefelibata”. Just hearing it in my brain makes me happy, and the meaning of the word does the same.

Nefelibata : A cloud walker. An individual who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. A person who doesn’t abide by the rules of society, literature, or art.

A question for you : How, how, did you get hold of such a majestic word? I’m actually jealous of your blog name. I wish I could steal it and make it mine. Sigh. But I won’t do that, because I’m nice (haha, great joke myself), like you.

So. What to write about now? Everything? I wish I could! Everything about you is perfect and I wish I could elaborate on every little word on your blog, but sadly I have a few words left, and I should use them wisely. So, we’ll talk about you… profile picture. I know, weird topic, but it is so pretty!

Noel White

I love how the sunlight falls on your hat, the way your hair is set, the blurry, dotted background, ugh, I love EVERYTHING about the picture. EVERYTHING.

So, that’s done. I am not going to say much more, as I only have 34 words left, but I would like to say (XD) : “Continue being a great blogger and post a whole bunch of great posts, please!” Also, : “Make more, more and more recipe posts! Please! Your last one was amazing.

And now, I have to go.

Merry Christmas Noel!

Capture 2

And there is it. 500 words, no more, no less. I hope y’all enjoyed reading that, especially you Noel! Keep on being a great blogger! See y’all after a while… I’m releasing another post today, watch out for that!

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P.S ~ Thank you Mukta for designing my new sign-off for me. Do you like it?


Hey! So… This challenge of CPC is the last one! Can you believe that? #sad

Anyways, prompts I used:


“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part – you did, once.”


I’m not sure why I fell in love with her.

Capture 2.PNG
Yes, a new divider! I couldn’t resist! #SoPretty

I groaned. Why did Claire have to collapse now? I frowned, those types of thoughts usually didn’t come to me. I bent down and got a water bottle out of my backpack. I uncapped the lid and slowly made Claire drink it. After a while, she woke up.

“Scared… Of heights.” She mumbled.

“Oh no,” I said, “It’ll be okay, you can do it! Come on, I’ll help you.”

And so we both went, on the bridge, Claire staggering with each step, me holding her and encouraging her. After a while, we both reached the other side and I forgot all my pain. In front of us, stood a mansion. White, with shining “everthings”. A magnificent garden, with every imaginable plant and vegetable.

I gasped. What was this place and how had I not seen the mansion from where the taxi dropped us? For a moment, I thought I was going to faint as well, but my arm was secured by Claire.

“Woah… This is where our parents live?” She asked, her voice full of curiosity. “They must be rich!”

I laughed. We were on the verge on meeting our parents, and all she thought about was how rich they were? But she was right, of course. All of our lives had been spent in a tiny, cramped room that stinked. If our parents lived here… Well, life would be perfect for us from now. Claire’s grip on my arm tightened and I snapped out of my daydream.

“Let’s go.” I nodded, but my feet were jelly. “What if our parents didn’t want us? What if there were cruel? What if there were worse than Master? What if…” My negative thoughts could have gone on and on, but Claire was halfway up the steps, and she was waiting for me.

“Coming!” I ran, my feet killing me. I reached my destination and Claire and I walked up the stairs, our hands trembling as I pressed the doorbell.

10 seconds gone, no one.

20 seconds.

30 seconds.





A man opened the door.

When he did, he had his back to us and he was talking to someone.

“I never stood a chance, did I?” He asked.

“That’s the sad part – you did, once. I’m not sure why I fell in love with her.” I felt a jolt in my body. I knew that voice. It brought back some of the only memories I had left. Painful memories. The man at the door laughed.

“Ummm. Mister?” Claire said, her loud voice reduced to a little squeak. The man turned around to face us, and when his eyes rested on Claire, he collapsed.

“Blake…Isabelle…Eleanor…Come! Hurry! They’re here!” He yelled. I waited for Claire to say something. She was usually the one who did all the speaking, but right now, she seemed paralysed, her eyes glistening with tears.

“Dad?” She managed to squeak out before fainting for the 2nd time in a day.

“Ohhh, no.” The man, I suddenly realised, was my uncle. Ian. He was tall, and had brown eyes, just like Claire’s. Yes, we had come to the right place. Just as he was about to lift Claire up, a trio arrived. 2 women, and a man. I felt giddy as I looked at the woman. She had similar features to Claire’s dad, and features I saw in myself. I didn’t wait for her to notice me. I ran inside and hugged her, surprising her, but she realised who I was.

Her daughter, who she hadn’t seen in 12 years. I hugged her, catching up on 12 years worth. She squeezed me and I could feel her tears landing on my hair. After a while, she let go and fell to her knees, her eyes darting all over my body.

“Ohhh, Audrey. You have grown SO much!” She exclaimed.

“Yes. She has. My dear girl!” A loud, manly voice said. I turned around.

To see my father.


After a whole load of tears, hugs, kisses and happiness, all 6 of us sat down at the dining table, Claire and I waiting for explanations.

“You see, girls, we had to drop you there. Your fathers insisted upon it. They said you would be safe from the threat.” Isabelle, Claire’s mom, said.

“What threat?” Claire and I asked at the same time.

“When you were born,” My mother, Eleanor, said, “There was a threat against us. We were rich, we had a blooming business. The downside of that was having lots of rivals. One of our biggest rival was Henry Cratere. He wanted our business to fail, so he sent us a note, which said, that if we didn’t give you both to them, they would file a court case against us, for killing somebody. Of course, we didn’t actually kill anyone. They just threatened us like that so we would give you both over to them.”

“Why did they want us?” Claire asked.

“They knew, that if they had you both, all four of us, we would become too depressed, and our business would fail automatically.” Ian said.

“And what about the court case?” I questioned.

“Ohhh, before he could file a court case against us, the police realised he was the murderer of Alice Green, so he got a jail sentence for 10 years.” Blake grinned.

All four of them waited for that information to sink in.

“Why Master?” I asked suddenly.

“He’s Eleanor and I’s brother and we knew he would take care of you, even though he would, sometimes, mistreat you.”

I was shocked. My mum and Claire’s dad, they were wonderful people, but Master being their brother?

“He’s adopted.” Blake said, as that would help. It helped a little, but the shock remained.

“I believe you.” Claire said. Great.

“I do too.”

Capture 2

And, that is the end of my CPC story! Claire and Audrey lived a wonderful life after that, enjoying every moment, in case you wanted to know. Well, see you next time!



Cameras and Pens Challenge #5

Hey! I’m back with another CPC Challenge! Lavender is still in the lead, I think. *goes and checks* Yep, still in the lead! Woohoo!

Prompts I Used:

Related image

3) “Was the scarecrow like that yesterday?”


The next morning when I woke up, I lay on bed for while, feeling excited. The day I had been waiting for since I was a young child, had finally arrived. I turned over to face Claire. She was still sleeping. I sighed and got out off my bed, my feet trudging along the carpet to reach Claire. I shook her, hoping that today, I wouldn’t have to try to hard to wake her up. But, unfortunately, even today, Claire wouldn’t wake up.

“Really dude? Come on!” I sighed to myself, looking for things to help me wake her up. I spotted a jug of water and a brilliant idea came to mind. I crept over to the jug, grabbed it and walked back to Claire, emptying the whole jug on her!

She kept on sleeping. I groaned, why, in my childhood, had I always done this trick? Now she had gotten used to it and wouldn’t wake up.

“Fine. I’ll leave her to it and go bath.” I thought to myself. After a while, when I got out of the the bath, I heard Claire sleep talking.

“What are you doing, buffoon?”


“Let’s go Gtrra.”

“No, you have to come with me!”

“Wait a minute!”

“Was the scarecrow like that yesterday?”

And then she woke up. She must have seen me giggling, because her eyebrows shot up in confusion.

“What? Why am I wet?”

“You were saying the lamest things in your sleep. You’re wet because I wanted to make you wake up! Do you even remember what day it is today?” I asked. Her eyes sparkled.

“I’ll be back in a while, I’m taking a bath. Prepare the backpacks.” And with that, she flung herself into the bathroom. She came out a while later and announced –

“Let’s go! I have money on me, we can get a taxi.”


We walked down to the reception, paid the hotel and walked toward the exit. We heard footsteps behind us and we turned around to find the same men we both had defeated the day we had met Master.

“Oh no. Not again.” Claire mumbled under her breath. “We don’t even have any weapons. This is gonna be bad.”

“Very bad.” I nodded as Claire and I slowly backed up, hoping to get toward the door unnoticed. Then, I spot the receptionist, walking up to the men with a hockey stick. She hits one of them on the head, immediately making him unconscious. Claire and I hurriedly grab a plant pot and smack the rest of the baddies, the receptionist helping.

We help the receptionist move the bodies, and make them sleep on the beds.

“Thank you so so so much!” Claire and I say to the receptionist, but she just smiles.

“Go! You have work to do, don’t you?” Gently shoving us towards the doors.

We walk out and get a taxi, both of us separated by our own thoughts of finally meeting family. We had arrived at 31, Cane Street, Custra, Sydney.

“You both live here? I hear this is a mansion. You have to walk over a river to get there.”

“Yea..h We live here.” Claire stammered.

“Well kiddos, you have a nice life.”

“Thank you?” I replied.

We both walked to the path that seemed like it would never stop. After a while, the lone trees turned into a forest. An Amazon type forest, without the animals. I gasped at what I saw next. A rope bridge leading to a mansion. Was that where Claire and I would have to live? Related image

Just as I was about to rush to the bridge, Claire fainted.


Yeah, I know. This story was a bit short but I’ll make up for it next time! Good bye children!


Cameras and Pens Challenge 4!!!

Hey y’all, it’s me! It’s time for another CPC Challenge! Lavender is… Still 1st!!!!!!! Yay! #happy

Prompts I Used :


Jayne. 15. She was wearing a hot pink and cyan jumpsuit.

Miles. 16. He was in a complete black suit.


“Hi. I’m Karin. …”

“My deepest regret?

I… murdered someone.”

Anyways, without wasting time today, on to the story!

  • This story is no longer in Claire’s POV. It is now Austra’s POV!
MY NEW DIVIDER!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hand moved behind me to grab a branch. Claire did the same. I was shocked. How did he get here? He never went anyone. He edged closer.

” Ohhhh, Claire and Austra, gimme back my diamonds… Or else…” Master said.

I glanced behind me. A road, which me and Claire could easily run on. Master couldn’t catch us, he was too slow. Claire looked at me and I could see that she had understood what I wanted to do. She nodded and looked at Master. We both swung at him, my stick attacking his legs and Claire attacking his arms. He cried out in pain, but me and Claire were too far away to care.

But, as it turns out, Mater had people there to stop us.

“Crap.” Claire said under her breath. They were twice the weight of us and double us in the height industry as well. I glanced at them. What could we do to get out alive? They edged closer and I could fell their breath on me. I bent down and said –

“Fine. You get the diamonds.”

Claire looked shocked but Master’s people grinned.

“Giving up this easily. girlie?”

I nodded and as they came closer, I attacked their legs with my sharp stick. I watched them as they slithered to the ground, clutching their legs. Claire, obviously pleased at what I had done, attacked the last 2 men, leaving them in the same position as the men I had attacked. We hugged and ran.

After a while, we stopped, clutching our knees. I looked around, we were near a busy road now. Good. Claire spoke –

“We should find some people who give us money for jewellery. Jewellers, I mean. ”

“Does this count as jewellery?”

“Course it does.”

“Okay then, I still have some money from the thief. We’ll get a taxi and ask the driver to take us to a jeweller.”

“I like that plan. I’m so tired.” Claire sighed and started walking to the nearest taxi stop. I followed her and 30 minutes later, we both were in a taxi, heading to Jayne and Miles’s Jewellery For All Occasions Shop. We arrived a while later and after paying the driver, Claire and I walked up the stairs to what seemed like a 1900’s mansion.

We were greeted by a old lady wearing a some very modern clothes that somehow matched her personality.

“Hi. I’m Karin. …” She said.

“My deepest regret?

I… murdered someone.”

My face turned into a mix of confusion and fear. Claire’s face, though, was probably worse than mine. Karin through back her head and laughed.

“Don’t worry, I was only joking. I do that to everyone who comes here. So funny seeing their reactions.” I calmed down, it was only a joke.

“Now dears, why did you come to Jayne and Miles’s Jewellery For All Occasions Shop?” The old lady asked.

“Ohhh, ummm, it was because we needed some money and we can exchange it for diamonds.” I said, hoping she wouldn’t ask to many questions about our age. Unfortunately, she just had be nosy and did.

“And, why are you both so young?”

“It’s because… of the person who takes care of us. We’ve lived with him for all our lives and he trusts us both enough to take his diamonds and bring his money back to him safely. He is financial trouble, you see.” Claire was good at lying.

“I see. Well, you may see Jayne and Miles.” She pointed to a door and we both stepped into the house. We opened the door to see – Jayne. 15. She was wearing a hot pink and cyan jumpsuit. Miles. 16. He was in a complete black suit. I don’t know how I knew their ages. They just looked like it.

“Hello. What can we do to help you?” Jayne asked.

“Ohh, can we get money for these diamonds please?” I still wasn’t over my shock.

“Sure. Can you give me the diamonds?” Jayne asked.

I gave her the diamonds I had on me and Claire gave hers to Jayne. She inspected them and handed them over to Miles. He went into a room and came back a while later.

“10,000. That’s the most we can give you both. They are pretty small.” Miles said.

“Deal.” Claire and I were on Cloud 9.  He took the diamonds and returned with a small bag filled with our cash. We thanked them and walked out, happier than ever.

” We should find a place to stay for a while. ” I suggested. Claire agreed with me and we walked around the town and happily, for us, we found a hotel to stay in. They didn’t seem to worried that we were alone, which was a bit surprising, but, at least we found a place to stay.


THE END! So, that is the end for now! See y’all after a while for Challenge 5!


CPC 3!

Hey y’all! I’m back with another CPC Challenge! Lavender is still in the lead! *yay*




Hasil carian imej untuk creative writing prompts picture



On to the story! :

I stiffened. Austra grabbed my arm and quickly pulled me through a door I hadn’t even seen. It was a bathroom, just as clean as the rest of the house. I glanced around, trying to find an escape route. I spotted a window and I nudged Austra. She nodded. She crept to it, and opened it without any difficulty. I sighed. At least something was going well. She frowned at me, and by using hand gestures, she told there was no support on the ground. I shook my head, we had no other option.

She prepared to jump, 3 ,2 ,1, she was gone. I was left alone with the random guy who probably wanted the diamonds. I walked over to the window, my hands trembling. I tried to recall how Austra did it. She had climbed up, so she was sitting on the window still and then she took off. I climbed onto the window still, where I could see Austra’s back, probably looking for way to run. I took a deep breath and jumped.

For 2 seconds, I felt as if I were dead, but then I got used to the feeling. I landed after what seemed like an eternity. Austra turned to face me, her face filled up with pain. My eyes moved down to see what was bothering her. Her legs. Both of them, were grazed and losing blood every second I wasted. Before I could do anything, I heard footsteps approaching, not near, but not that far away either.

“Austra…Do you think you can run?” I knew it was a silly question, but I still asked it. She shook her head, what was I expecting?

“Come on… Please… We just have to get in a bit far to those woods…” I said, gesturing to the woods that just so happened to be near the house. She nodded and I put my arm around her shoulder to help her. We kind off ran, kind of hopped deep into the woods. Or at least, what I hoped what deep was. The first thing to do was to wrap Austra’s wounds up. I grabbed her scarf and wrapped her left leg with it. I grabbed my scarf and wrapped her right leg with it. She gave me a weak smile, and dozed off.

I couldn’t sleep at all. I spent all night wondering about, climbing the stairs that were there and thinking about the clues our parents had left us. It was a letter, which read :

Dear Girls, 

We are so sorry we had to leave you with that monster. We didn’t want to, but your fathers said it would be best. We know how desperately you want to see us, even though we are so far away. So, when you are 12, you may come find us. Follow these clues : 


In a mansion,

we wait for you. 

The place where you were born, 

Your birth dates combined, 

your middle names combined,      

Your names combined,

Last, but not least, where was Master’s Mother born?

Girls, we hope to see you both when you are 12. Be warned, if you both come before you are 12, we will know. 

P.S – What type of dress does an ad wear?

I sat down as I reread the letter. Me and Austra had worked it out when we were 7. Your birth dates combined meant 21+12, which equalled to 31. Our middle names combined was a bit more tricky. Mine was Charlotte  and Austra’s was Jane. Combine them and you get Cane. Our names, Claire and Austra, combined was Custra. Master’s Mother was born in Sydney. Then me and Austra had go stuck on the P.S bit. What did it mean?  We both had figured it out at the same time. An ad wearing a dress would be called and address. All of the clues above were an address. Once we sold the diamonds, we had to go to 31, Cane Street, Custra, Sydney.

We had even looked it up on a map, the place really existed. I remember that day. Me and Austra were so happy, it was knowing that even though they had no contact with us, they still existed. I sighed, now was no time for the past. It was time to find our parents. I shook Austra awake and asked her-

“How are your legs?”

She replied with a new energy in her voice-

“Really good, I don’t even feel the pain anymore!”

“Do you still need the scarves?”


“Okay, I’ll take them off.” As I did that, Austra glanced around for food. She spotted a few berries and once I finished with the scarves, we gobbled them down and just as we were going to go, we saw…


So that is the end for CPC 3! I’ll be back next time, bye!